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Our academy always gives priority to quality education through consistent efforts in achieving its goal We give free demo classes and tests which are prepared in house by our expert team of well trained faculties.

Physics is one of the subjects that needs to be understood rather than memorized. The complex formulas of physics are very important to the students to understand the reasoning behind the formulas. Our teaching methods meticulously cover everything from basics concepts like units and dimensions to complex topics like thermodynamics along with the formulas, definitions and correct application with examples. All the physics solutions are detailed with all reasoning questions.


Vinnmugil Academy

Our chemistry section will help you understand chemistry from the basics followed by more complex concepts along with their application. Chemistry will be explained in a step-by-step format such as the solid state, electrochemistry, chemical kinetics, coordination compounds, alcohols and phenols and either and biomolecules etc.

Classes are held on all seven days of a week with an evaluation test on daily basis and NEET based monthly test for 720 marks. The timing of the classes is scheduled in such a manner that even a school going student can attend his/her sessions without missing their regular school classes.

If student is absent for a valid reason, re-session is arranged.

Biology is the subject in which candidates with excellent concepts and clarity can score a maximum of 360 marks which is the most out of the total marks. It is very important that students must be well prepared with all the chapters and subtopics of this subject.

The biology section of the neet question paper is vast and lengthy,thus it requires a proper preparation strategy to complete it on time. With our goal-oriented study plan and experienced teachers’ students are focused and motivated to complete the vast biology syllabus on time and excelling in the concepts. We devise a monthly plan and a weekly target for each chapter in biology. We start with basic concepts to complex concepts in biology. Adequate time is allotted to each chapter as few chapters in biology are very vast like plant kingdom, animal kingdom etc. We follow a tab on the daily study schedule which will be a pushing factor to do more in this vast subject. The study planner for biology is followed diligently to allow the student to put in sustained effort and not get exhausted right in the beginning of the biology chapters.

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